Know about Co Operative Societies For Residential Areas

When you are planning to buy your dream home, it is imperative that you must check out if the co-operative society where you plan to reside is registered. Flat owners who reside in societies which have not been duly registered face lots of problems. Society formation is important for residents to run the society, else for every problem they will have to approach the builder and it is quite possible that the builder will not be inclined to look at your demands at all times. Society registration is necessary for the security of the society, to pay the electric bills and maintain proper lifts, lighting, water supply, garbage cleaning, and make the residents feel comfortable and secured. To register a society minimum 12 members are required, and the law of one member one vote regardless of the [...] 

Posted in Real Estate on January 4, 2013

Vital Points to Remember When You Choose a Life Insurance Policy

People take insurance policies from various insurance policy companies with the aim of savings to secure their and their family’s life, when you are alive, as well as after your death.  It is an investment cum saving with the aim a tension-free and financially stable life after retirement (that is after the age of 55 – 60) which is called as maturity amount.   While selecting the policy, you not only plan your financial goals or stability but also your family’s security (depending on number of dependents). The decision to choose a life insurance policy is a very important one-time decision for a person depending on his capacity to pay the premium.  While buying a policy, the points which you need to take care are very important.  Age at what you are buying the policy, [...] 

Posted in Insurance on January 1, 2013

Price Hike In The Real Estate in The Coming Year

Next year if you are intending to invest in real estate, beware, the prices are going to rise by 25%, and this rise is due to the change in the ready reckn or rates of real estate in the state. The government has revised the rates in the ready recknor from January 2013. The ready recknor rates are those rates fixed by the government on which the investor in real estate has pay five percent stamp duty that is applicable while registering the flat. Hence higher the rates in the ready recknor the higher is the amount of tax the investor has to pay. According to real estate experts, the hike in the tax structure will impact the real estate market in the state, as the prices in real estate will increase by about 25%, and this will affect the common man who is already reeling under the rising prices [...] 

Posted in Real Estate on December 28, 2012

An Excellent Insurance Policy For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, in their sunset of life want to feel secured in their old age and are not inclined to depend on their family or children. They have the urge to be to be independent financially and live a meaningful life. The Life Insurance Corporation has introduced a new interesting policy for senior citizens, focussing on their need to feel secured at the age when they are not in a position earn or work. Bima Bachat – is a single premium money back policy for senior citizens up to the age of 66 years, without medical. The policy offers every three years a guaranteed return of 15% of the sum assured and is paid in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th year of the policy depending on the policy terms. On maturity of the policy, single premium paid along with loyalty addition will be paid back to the policy [...] 

Posted in Insurance on December 24, 2012

The Transition From Print To Audio Books

The literary world of books has changed with times and a new innovative, brilliant tech savvy technology of books compressed into audio format has arrived, and has taken the world by storm. The dynamics and the parameters set for  books in audio format have changed, as earlier we were aware only of children’s audio books, but now the latest trend is adapted for titles for adults – from fiction to academic. There has been a phenomenal sale of the books in audio format, as book lovers find these handy, reasonably priced and ideal for multi tasking in this fast paced world. The other advantages audio books have are that they are a boon for those who cannot read or are visually impaired, and also elderly who have poor vision can use the audio books. Audio books help us in keeping a friendly [...] 

Posted in News on December 21, 2012

Invest in Bonds and enjoy great returns

People feel the growing need and urge to invest to multiply their hard earned money as well as to secure their future. There are many instruments which help them in their endeavour. Here we share some information on one such instrument, namely Bonds. To optimise and have safe returns on your investments and savings, investments in bond gives you very high yields and is also easy to comprehend. Besides this it is also very easy to transact in. Another added feature of investing in bonds is there is not much of volatility in the bond investments. That means you don’t have to take a very high amount of risk as you can easily more or less predict the profit you will make. Investors can invest in bonds by buying bonds directly in the primary and the secondary market. In the last few years, many [...] 

Posted in Investing in Bonds on December 7, 2012

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